ninyu works

As of 2012, Ninyu Works is based in Tokyo and consists of three members:
ai yamaguchi, Singo Hayashi, Yuko Nitta.

List of activities, and a simplified history
1999 - ninyu works formation -- management of this site begins at the same time
October 2001 - Workshop / event titled "ninyu work shop" in Nagoya
November 2002 - Workshop/event titled "NINYUWORKSHOP2" in Nagoya

In addition, ninyu works provides support for@ai@yamaguchi's exhibitions, contributes to free papers, oversees the sales of goods ( a postcard, CD-ROM, a poster, T-shirt, etc...) and manages this website ( ) .
The origin of the name "ninyu works"
"ninyu" was the nickname of a previous group member's friend, and everyone enjoyed the name so much that we continue to use it to this day.