Haru no yukue

February 23 - April 23, 2003

Mizuho Oshiro Gallery
6-51-25 Murasakibaru, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima
TEL/FAX 099-813-5460
E-mail cafedart@helen.ocn.ne.jp
open :11:00 〜 20:00 

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The latest work "Hyaku no hana, yuki wa furitsutsu" is the first work to be introduced as a digital print.
The new canvas works "Haru no yukue" and "Haru no yukue" were also featured in the exhibition as well.
In addition, the set of 12 copperplate engravings, first exhibited in Los Angeles, titled "Sukutoko" and the lithograph set titled "Hanabukuro" were also on display.
Digital print " Hyaku no hana, yuki wa furitsutsu "
"Hyaku no hana, yuki wa furitsutsu"
digital print
Paper: i photo Kakita 300g
Sheet size: 420*980mm
Image size: 272*868mm
(*This picture only depicts a portion of the entire image.)
Edition: 15

" Haru no yukue "
" Haru no yukue "
The collection of copperplate engraving "sukutoko"
The entire collection "sukutoko" figure of copperplate engraving